oktober 28, 2015

Innsendt Rammesøknad

The enterprise consists of a shopping centre and two office buildings that are to replace the existing Økern Centre and apartment building. One want permission to pull down the existing buildings in order to build up a modern construction in tune with the current development of the area.

The shopping centre including restaurants and shops, is planned closely integrated with the two office buildings called ; Høyblokken and Ulvenblokken. They will contain trade, commerce and social service in addition to support functions.

The existing apartment building is to be replaced  by a new office building of 12 floors on top of the shopping centre. Ulvenblokken of four floors and a retracted fifth floor is to be situated along the Ulven road crossing the north eastern part of the shopping centre.

The market place is located on the south side of the shopping centre and the office buildings. The main entrance, the tube station, the bus station, the park / green structure and the city´s pedestrian and biking paths all meet at the market place. The market place will be shaped to obtain optimal sun conditions for outdoor activities and service.